Electric Toothbrush Heads


Dupont Filaments
Bestrice toothbrush heads are made with Dupont filaments, which are among the highest quality of the oral care synthetic filament industry. The bristles are flexible and durable.End-Rounded Bristles
Contoured and end-rounded nylon bristles are gentle on gums and clean thoroughly between teeth with comfortable brushing experience.

Indicator Bristles
Blue indicator bristles fade to white to remind you to change the brush head.

FDA Approved
Bestrice toothbrush heads are approved by the FDA which is the highest dental health and safety standards.

Snap-on system for easy installation
Bestrice sonicare toothbrush head Just click on your Philips sonicare toothbrush handle and secure it in place. Our click on the design makes it super simple, brush head replacement easier, just click, better keep the brush clean.

Thoughtful Design
The waveform bristles fit the natural tooth shape. Different colored rings help you distinguish between different toothbrushes.



Bestrice Replacement Sonic Brush Handles fit Philips Rechargeable Sonicare Multiple Series Clean as Dentist with Pressure Sensor Control Gum Health, Automatic Timer and Cross Action, 8 Pack.

High compatibility
2 Series Plaque Control
3 Series Gum Health
DiamondClean Smart
Sonicare for Kids


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